Our mission is to inspire and train healthcare professionals dedicated to improving their patients’ lives by giving patients independence and freedom from their debilitating pelvic floor dysfunctional conditions. We provide a relevant, quality program emphasizing clinical, theoretical, experiential, and research-supported aspects of the pelvic floor rehabilitation specialty.


  • To train qualified healthcare professionals to become effective clinicians using surface EMG biofeedback.
  • To train qualified healthcare professionals in the extensive knowledge of medical foundations that can be used to provide each patient with greater understanding in awareness and regulation of bodily functions, cognitive processes, and emotional states.
  • To use the acquired biofeedback and medical knowledge in developing treatment strategies for patients with pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • To facilitate the transfer of acquired biofeedback and medical knowledge to other healthcare providers so that they can recommend this valuable treatment to appropriate patients, and refer the patients to professionals trained in biofeedback and pelvic floor dysfunction.